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Finding the Best St. Charles Appraiser

If you are looking to get a loan to buy a home, you will have to go through the real estate appraisal process. Home appraisals are a report that is ordered by a lender that you will be using to get your loan, which tells them how much the house/property is worth in its current condition.

This is not something to be confused with a home inspection, as this is something performed by a different professional that reports on the condition of the home's major operating systems. This is how the St. Charles home appraisal process works in a few easy steps:

Bank Order

The lending institution for your loan will put out a request for a real estate appraisal. During this time, the lender will have very little or no contact at all with the appraiser until the work is complete. This helps to make sure that there has been no undue influence on the appraiser. The cost of the home appraisal will usually be the responsibility of you, the buyer, which can usually be paid as part of the closing costs at closing.

Property Inspection

The home appraiser will make contact with the seller's agent to set up the time for the appraisal to take place. During the inspection of property, the appraiser will walk through the home, assessing the condition and noting any upgrades, such as appliances or countertops. They will also take into consideration the general condition of the surrounding neighborhood.

Comparable Properties

After the St. Charles appraiser has gone through the home and finished the inspection, they will pull recent sales information from public records or MLS to compare homes to the subject property for purposes of checking to see how it stacks up to the rest of the competition. While not every home will have a duplicate to pull information from, there are factors that will be taken into consideration, including the lot size, location, curb appeal, interior finishes and the proximity to parks and services in the local area.

Final Appraisal Report

After the home has been inspected and the appraiser has compared it to several properties that have recently sold, they will then write up the report that will give an estimate of the value of the home. The report should also include the specific addresses of homes that were used as comparable properties to help value the home, along with a full description of the subject property, a map that details that location of the home and any pictures.

St. Charles Appraisal

You should always read through the St. Charles appraisal report, especially if it seems as though the number is off from what you were expecting. This will give you time to check for errors, double check the comparable properties and make sure that everything is in order. It is best that you remember that a home appraiser is only human and mistakes can happen. However, if there are no glaring errors and you are still not satisfied, you can appeal the appraisal or even pay for a new one to be done.

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