Feel confident that we will treat your clients with the same respect and courtesy that you deliver.  When you send us an order or refer a client be assured that their experience will be conducted in a professional and expedient manner.  For clients with multiple needs feel free to contact our office to set up an account with exclusive bulk pricing.

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An appraisal from M.J. Appraisal will help you settle a divorce with less stress

A divorce is a particularly heartbreaking experience for the parties involved, and it is often more complicated by the strenuous decision of who gets the property. It's a good idea to order an appraisal from M.J. Appraisal so both parties are fully aware of the true market value of their home, regardless of the situation. 

The parties will have a better idea of what price to set, if they need to sell the home. And on the flip side, if a "buyout" is the chosen option, both parties will feel like they've received a fair assessment. 

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Settling an estate with peace of mind

Losing a loved one is a painful time in life, and settling an estate from a death, or probate, often entails an appraisal to establish Market Value for the residential property involved. We guarantee the utmost degree of discretion, as we're bound with confidentiality by the ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). 

Most Americans do not have dedicated estate planners or executors to take care of these issues, unlike wealthy individuals. And seeing that a home or other property often makes up an uneven share of the total estate value, knowing the absolute value of the real estate at hand is of essential importance to ensuring disputing parties leave knowing they've received an honest deal. 

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Let M.J. Appraisal help you with relocating to or from Kane County

We are familiar with the headaches involved with an employee relocation. That's why we take great care in organizing an accommodating appointment time for the appraisal inspection. During our detailed process, we suggest relocating employees to provide feedback on the positive attributes of their property, along with information regarding any current sales or listings in their area that they want considered. 

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Let M.J. Appraisal assist you in selling your home quickly at the right price

A professional appraisal will help you make a better educated decision when determining your asking price, whether you choose to sell your home on your own or use the assistance of a real estate agent. Unlike a real estate agent, an appraiser has no vested interest in what amount the house sells for. Our fees are calculated on our efforts to complete the appraisal report and and aren't related to the sales price.

On a daily basis, we analyze the difference in value items like an additional bathroom or a kitchen remodel can make. Seeking a professional appraisal is a trusted way to determine what improvements will add value and what an appropriate sales price is for your home - so you don't come up short or have your house on the market an unnecessarily long time - because we're experts in knowing how long properties stay on the market.

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