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6 Steps To Take To Find The Best Geneva Home Appraiser

Needing to find a Geneva appraisal is not just something that happens when you are a homeowner looking to sell. Sometimes, you might want one as a renter if you hope to get an accurate assessment of the value of a home you hope to buy. Also, home appraisers come in handy even when you are not involved in a buying or selling process, as the right professional can help you determine the exact value of a home and property you own for taxation and mortgage or loan purposes.

Given the impact a bad appraisal can have for years on your finances, it's essential to get the right one, so keep reading to learn 6 steps to take when finding the best home appraiser in Geneva.

  1. Talk to other homeowners you know. While the Internet can be great for finding out names and numbers of home appraisers, the reviews that come with them might not always be trustworthy. You can never know if a shady appraiser is having someone put up positive reviews to make themselves look good. Likewise, honest appraisers might get bad feedback from homeowners who found out their property value was not was what they had hoped. Word of mouth feedback is often trustworthy, even in the digital age of Internet information.
  2. Don't consider anyone that is not certified or licensed. Not all states require certification or licensing in order for a person to perform appraisals of real estate, but it does at least demonstrate that a professional has learned the industry standards to a minimum level. Rely on only the best Geneva appraiser.
  3. Always ask for a copy of their certification or license. Some individuals might claim they have it, but can not provide proof. If they do give you proof, confirm the authenticity with the government department that issued it. You not only want to verify that the documentation is real, but that the license or certificate is still in good standing and active.
  4. Ask the appraiser if they have any industry memberships or professional designations. Checking them out with the U.S. National Registry at is a good start for certification and licensure. Also look for the Member Appraisal Institute, Senior Reap Property Appraiser, or Senior Residential Appraiser. On their business card or website, these might be listed as MAI, SRPA, or SRA.
  5. Talk to them about their professional experience. What you want to know first and foremost is how long they have been doing appraisals. The minimum time frame you should use as a criteria is at least a half a decade of working experience, as it can take that long to get a real grasp of all things appraisal related.
  6. Also see where their work experience has taken place. You ideally want someone who has been working in and around the community of the property you need to get appraised. A local professional should have a deep and thorough knowledge of local properties and their values, including local variables like proximity of fire departments and school district boundaries that impact the value of a property. If you're looking to have a property appraised in Fox Valley, find a trusted Geneva, Illinois appraiser.

With these 6 steps you can take, finding the best Geneva home appraiser should be a breeze.

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